Company Overview

Founded in 2011, Baseline Energy Services, LP is a power generation company designed to offer reliable power equipment and professional service to oilfield and industrial customers in the southwest US. As serial problem solvers with deep experience in the energy industry, the founders of Baseline designed products to meet a need in the power generation market by using economic alternative fuels and the latest available technology to generate electricity. The energy environment today is defined by increasing onsite power needs, more stringent air emissions regulation, high capital costs for grid line, and increasing demand for power in remote areas. Baseline has the products, team, reach, and experience to meet our customer’s power needs.

Excellent Service and Reliable Products

Focused on excellent service, our team of professionals at Baseline execute on our mission by diligently operating our fleet of reliable natural gas-fired generators for our customers. Our approach is to capitalize on the use of affordable, abundant natural gas to generate electricity at a low cost per kilowatt hour. Our solutions allow our customers to forego the high capital cost of grid electricity in many cases. With a diverse fleet of generators available for rent and lease, Baseline’s experienced team excels at working with our customers to study their in-place power generation strategy and then offer alternatives that may save money and improve system reliability. Contact a representative today and see how Baseline’s solutions for interim, long term, and backup power serve many different types of applications in the oilfield and industrial markets.

Fueling Solutions

Baseline primarily uses wellhead gas and pipeline gas to run power projects. When situations dictate the use of alternative fuels for projects that are “off pipeline”, we are frequently able to solve the fueling need by using CNG, LNG, or propane to fuel the generator for operation. Baseline has a wide array of contacts and partnerships in place across the US that allow us to offer turnkey “power and fuel” solutions for our customers, thereby expediting setup time and streamlining our service offering for customers.

Geographical Reach

With an extensive reach across the Mid Continent due to reliable equipment and key partnerships, the current operating areas for Baseline are: Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Outside of Baseline’s operating area, customers are considered on a case to case basis.

Executive Management

Graham Radler co-founded Baseline in 2011 and serves as CEO. As the primary operating partner of the company, Graham enjoys leading and serving alongside other Baseline team members in various capacities including business development, power operations, investor relations, and logistics. Prior to launching Baseline, Graham spent time working in various roles including natural resources investment banking, real estate, and oil and gas production operations where he worked both on and offshore. Graham also serves in a board role with East African Ministries, a non-profit focused on bringing clean water, health, and leadership development to South Sudan and Uganda. Graham graduated from Southern Methodist University and later earned his MBA from Texas Christian University.

Baseline team members have extensive backgrounds in energy operations, engineering, sales, and finance which allows Baseline to have a unique view on the demanding and cost efficient service needs of our customers in today’s energy environment. Expertise and innovative ideas have allowed Baseline to accelerate its service lineup to include leading upstream, midstream, and industrial companies in the United States.